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A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty is the fourth episode of the 2nd Season.


In the beginning, Bubbles shows of the layout of his shed and his bubble machine. Julian and Ricky then show up with a sick cat that was guarding their dope plants. With a sick cat, Bubbles goes to Sam Lasco who informs him that the cat likely has rabbies. After the discovery of dope eating bugs, the boys head to a libary and pick up books on how to get rid of them. They figure out that they most put their dope plants in quarantine. They decide that Bubble's shed is the best place.Corey and Trevor have began work on Bubble's shed and setting up lighting. Ricky and Julian show up, and Ricky begins placing wires to the lighting in spots that Trevor disagrees with. After taking a walk, Bubbles, Julian, Sarah, Mr. Lahey, Randy and Treena discover that Bubble's cats have been eating Sam's greasy hot dogs and is what's caused them to be sick. Things turn serious when they discover smoke coming from Julian's place. They rush over to see that Bubble's shed had caught fire and destroyed. The ultimate cause was due to faulty wiring due to Ricky's changes to Trevor's lighting setup, but Trevor and Corey were blamed for the fire. The bubble machine that Bubble's parents left him before they left him in the shed was burned and melted. The next day, Bubbles brings out a box that was burned in the fire. He pulls out a pair of Nunchucks and heads throw a patch of trees to Sam's camper. He shoots Sam with a slingshot, and confronts him on the hotdogs. Julian and Ricky show up as Sam and Bubbles are in a grapple. Later in the night, Bubbles skips out on the cookout that the boys had setup. Bubbles was busy making a deal with J-Roc to let him stay in a van. Treena comes up and hands him a bubble machine and he begins playing with his cat as the episode ends.