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I've Met Cats and Dogs Smarter Than Trevor and Cory is the third episode of Season 2.


In this episode, with growing demands for dope, the boys need to figure out some things. Julian and J-Roc make the plans to make a night club/casino in the park. Corey and Trevor are put incharge of breaking and entering into a warehouse to get some much needed supplies. Due to the stupidity of the two, Ricky is put in charge of looking after them. Their stupidity is shown when they set off the alarms to the warehouse and chased by guard dogs. Ricky, while helping them, shoots himself. It turns out to be a flesh wound. Needless to say, the job gets done and the club opens. Thanks to Corey and Trevor, the club is full of guys because they handed out flyers at the club "Empty Closet". Randy and Mr. Lahey swoop in to bust the club, call the cops and shut it down. George Green and the police show up. Before they do, Julian and Randy make a deal to shut it down. At the end of the episode, we learn about Corey and Trevor's night with two "ladies" they picked up at the club. We also see Julian hand over all the cash made at the club to J-Roc to get hydro gear.