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Jim Lahey is a Drunk Bastard is the 2nd episode of Season 2.


With the park in it's own depression and Mr. Lahey being drunk all the time, Sam Lasco decides to run for trailer park supervisor. The boys decide to ruin any chance that Sam will win, and make sure Mr. Lahey wins. They decide to have both candidates make speeches. Through the episode, Julian gets Randy to go back to Mr. Lahey, Ricky gets Channel 10 news to show up and cover the speeches, and Corey and Trevor clean up Mr. Lahey enough to make his speech. Things almost go wrong when Lahey almost hits residents with his car. He's arrested, but with convincing, Ricky gets John Green to let Lahey make his speech. In the end, Mr. Lahey wins the election, Randy ends his relationship with Lucy and is promoted to weekend surpervisor, and the boys gain a new trailer to grow dope.