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Julian is one of the three main characters of the show. He's friends with Ricky and Bubbles. He's considered the "master mind' behind the hijinks of the show.

In the ShowEdit

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Julian is the smartest and calmest of the boys. In Season 1, Julian's trailer was taken over by Cyrus. He eventually takes it back. In the next episode, after all the stress he recieves from other residents, he threatens to leave the park for good. He does not at the end of the episode. In Episode 4, "Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up", we're introduced to Julian's "Grandma", Mrs. Peterson. She is not his grandma. He's forced to watch her dog who gets ahold of pot brownies made by Ricky. During the episode, Ricky and Julian go to make a drug deal and are mistaken for cops and are almost shot.

Fun FactsEdit

  • In the movie, Countdown to Liquor Day, started a business called "Success Auto Body" which was bulit on the property of his old trailer.