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Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On is the sixth episode of the 2nd Season.


At the start, Ricky is climbing up a ladder to steal power. This shuts off Mr. Lahey's power. Ricky's shirt is on fire as he climbs down, which he complains about because he has to go to school in the burnt shirt. Mr. Lahey tries to confront Julian on the fact that Ricky is doing it, but Julian remains stone faced. While at the store, Treena pawns her bike to Corey and Trevor in order to buy Ricky pepperoni and a shirt. Mr. Lahey is upset about the fact, and grounds her. He's so upset that he throws Ricky's pepperoni and threatens Julian with a fake police report in order to figure out where they'll hide it. While they confront them, Lahey and Randy fight, and Lahey delivers a smack to Randy. Randy decides to quit his job. In an attempt to bury the hatchet, Randy comes around Ray's trailer where the boys are hanging out. Ricky and Bubbles decide it'll be fun to send him to the store for goodies, make him destory Sam's tv and table, and then have him piss in Lahey's car. Julian notices a problem. Back at Ray's, Randy brings up the fact that he seen the dope inside's Ray's. At this time, Ray comes out and confirms it. Feedback from a walkie talkie gives away that Randy was wearing a wire. The boys begin to freakout. Bubbles suggests burning the dope, but ricky won't have it, so they make another plan. They switch the street sign and address number of Ray's trailer in order to stop the police from entering the trailer. Once Randy and Lahey arrive, they begin to freak that the George Green and another officer won't enter the trailer. They're finally arrested for being drunk in public. Julian finally figures out that the problem is Treena. He orders Ricky to get rid of her. In the late night, Ricky gives her a speech and then informs her that she has to stop hanging with him. Ricky heads inside. He informs the boys that he'd like to study now that Bubbles and Julian know how to take care of the dope. Julian grants him the study time. Ends the episode.