Ricky is one of the major characters in Trailer Park Boys. He is best friends with Julian and Bubbles. He's the biggest trouble maker and can often be seen planning, doing, or saying something to get himself in trouble or arrested.

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Ricky is the biggest trouble maker of the show. Even despite the fact he goes to jail at the end of every season, there are many incidences where he manages to weasel his way out of going. This is mainly because of his skills in tricking the officers into thinking they are being tested or that they haven't done anything at all.

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In Season 1, after coming back from jail, he's denied access to his home with Lucy. He's forced to go to Julian for living space, which he is given a car to sleep in on Julian's property. In "Mr. 'Lahey's Got My Porno Tape! Ricky is offered by J-Roc to star in his porno, "From Russia with a Love Bone". He can not perform due to his love with Lucy. The tape is eventually taken by Mr. Lahey, but with help from Julian, the tape is recovered and destroyed. During the episode entitled "Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up, Ricky and Julian go to make a drug deal and are mistaken for cops and almost shot. Later in the episode, Ricky reiceves a flesh wound from Trinity. He's then shot by a barn owner as well as the Boom Operator later. In the episode, "I'm Not Gay, I Love Lucy... Wait a Second, Maybe I am Gay", it's revealed that Ricky was fired by Julian's foster father, Levi from a job after he took a drunken joyride in a truck and flipped it.

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  • Ricky is an avid smoker and can be seen smoking most of the time that he's on screen. He will often ask the people he comes across for smokes. He's tried to quit multiple times with his daughter, Trinity, but he fails to do so every time.
  • In each season, he can be seen in jail.
  • One of Ricky's favorite foods are chicken fingers. One time, he bought a bag of them for $8. However, they were ruined by Julian.
  • Rather than drinking from a can, Ricky uses the bottom of a 2-liter jug to drink from.
  • He dosen't know how The Beetles are.

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