Sunnyvale is the setting for most of the Trailer Park Boys series. It's home to many of the characters in the show.


Ricky who lives in his car for most of the series, did live in a trailer later in the series.

Julian who lets Bubbles stay in the shed located on his property.

[Jim Lahey] and Randy both live together in the Supervisor trailer.

[Barb Lahey] has lived in the Trailer Park.

Lucy, Sarah and Trinity all live together. Ricky lived there before, but was not allowed back after being arrested before the show's story begins.

J-Roc lived with his mother. In the later seasons, [[Tyrone]] is suspected to live with him.

Corey and Trevor live in the park. In the beginning on Season 1, lived in Julian's trailer before giving it away to Cyrus.

Ray lives alone in his own place. He's often visited by Ricky.