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The Bare Pimp Project is the 7th and final episode of Season 2.


Julian enters his trailer and see's that Ricky is smoking some of the hash and discovers that Ricky has began growing more dope. Julian hates that Ricky is doing this, drops the bombshell that Sam asked Barbra to marry him, and that he's no longer Ricky's partner. Julian meets up with J-Roc and Tyrone. He offers them $800 to make a porn film starring Sam for blackmail. Lahey, Barbra and Randy try to figure out where Treena went after she snuck out of the house. They don't know, but once Julian leaves in his car, she pops up the backseat. Ricky is now in school and tells the camera that Cyrus is also in grade 10 with him and Lucy are together. In class, Ricky lights up a smoke, and Cyrus is shown with Richard cheating. After the teacher smells the smoking, Cyrus rats him out, but so does Ricky and gets Cryrus and Richard thrown out. In the woods, J-Roc, Tyrone, Bubbles and Sam are filming their porn. Back at the school, Lucy runs up to Ricky saying that Cyrus has gone mad. Back at Sunnyvale, Julian delivers "The Bare Pimp Project" to Barbra. She gets pissed at Sam and breaks the engagement. At Ray's, Bubbles and Sarah are getting their cake ready for Ricky when Ray runs up saying that the dope trailer was being taken away. Julian and Bubbles try to stop him when Ricky shows up. Then Cryus and Sam show up guns blazing and Ricky is shot. Lahey calls the police, and the boys take off. A helicopter soon spots them and they crash after Bubbles spots a kitty in the road. The boys are arrest like in every season finale. In jail, Ricky announces he got his grade 10. The money they got from the dope selling is locked away in a locker and the key is put in Julian's car. This ends Season 2.