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The Bible Pimp is the 5th episode of the 2nd Season.


At the start, two Bible baring missionaries, a father and daughter introducing themselves as Hampton and Tanya, show up to ask Bubbles questions. While going through the burned down shed, Hampton is in the street watching Julian. Later, Julian comes to Bubble's new place, the van, with a peace offering of pickled eggs. Bubbles denies the offering, but does tell him to leave the eggs and that he shouldn't hang out with the boys anymore. Tanya shows up to the trailer full of drugs, an attack by the bottle kids put her and Julian in a relationship. Hampton finally gets a sell with Ray. Ray buys a bible to give to Ricky. Later, Bubbles shares his concern to Julian about the bible people. Mr. Lahey finally kicks Hampton out. While on a date with Sarah, Ricky sees that Julian has abandoned the dope for Tanya. Tanya takes off as Julian and Ricky fight. Julian rushes back to the dope only to realize that Tanya and Hampton had stolen all of it. As tensions rise between the two, Bubbles comes up and explains that he had Corey and Trevor tail the two to a greasy club. The boys make a plan outside that Corey and Trevor will take the van Hampton and Tanya used and transport it back to the park. After confronting Hampton, he and Tanya, who was busy pole dancing, run out and start a shoot out. Hampton and Tanya are arrested and Ricky, Julian and Ricky are saved by the police and Mr. Lahey. After returning home, J-Roc sets up Bubbles with cable in the van and is joined by the boys for a show. That ends the episode.