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'What In the Fuck Happened to Our Trailer Park?' is the 1st episode of Season 2.


In this episode, the boys are released from jail. They return home to the park and see the damage a drunken Jim Lahey has caused. Before they do, they are back to their old ways of stealing car stereos. When they return home, Ricky is met with the news that Randy is dating Lucy. Due to this, Ricky decides to stop working with Julian and his plans of growing dope. Ricky goes to the local mall and gets a job as security. This causes conflict between Bubbles and Ricky. Later in the episode, Ricky catches Bubbles again stealing carts, but laters tells the head of mall security it was Corey and Trevor, getting them arrested by mall security. During this time, Corey and Trevor have already planted stolen car stereos in the trunk of Ricky's car, causing him to be fired. Once he retruns home, he discovers Mr. Lahey drunk, in messy clothes, picking through garbage. At the end of the episode, Ricky reconnects with Julian and the plans to grow dope, in which they call "Freedom 35".

Trailer ParkEdit

It's noticed in the first shot of the episode that the setting has changed. Due to complaints from the real supervisor of the 1st park they used, the crew had to pack up and leave. Though the residents were ok with filming, the people that ran the park felt it'd give them a bad name if they continued to film there. The trash and flipped cars they used for scenes had to be cleaned up after filming each day.


  • After the opening theme, while Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are discussing their plans at a table, in the background is a random man who stopped to watch the filming.
  • While filming the scenes of Ricky ontop of the mall's hill, some of the falls Ricky takes are acutally real.